With a global pandemic and racial injustice devastating our students and families, we need strong, value-driven leadership advocating for our students now more than ever. That is why I am running for election to the Santa Cruz County School Board, Trustee Area 5.


I come from a family of immigrants and I’m the first in my family to graduate from a university. Access to quality education has given me the opportunity to earn my B.A. and M.A in Education, pursue a doctoral degree, and teach in five different countries. As a former teacher and college lecturer, I understand that teaching and learning is at the heart of our school system- our policies and programs should be adapted to fit the needs and interests of our students. I am committed to ensuring our schools provide the best education for students that can be achieved. Students need dedicated adults who understand what it takes to support them every step of the way. I’ve devoted my career to education and I wholeheartedly believe that all of our students should be able to fearlessly pursue their passions and dreams. 

As a COE trustee, I will be a part of a board that oversees district finances, training for teachers, education assessments and supports, environmental science programs, and many other programs that directly impact 40,000 students. Not only have I been a middle school teacher, my Masters degree was concentrated on Policy and Administration in Urban Education which directly aligns to this position. I believe I have the passion, experience, and educational background to be a strong trustee. 


Every student in Santa Cruz County deserves access to rigorous, culturally responsive curriculum, and nurturing, high-quality educators regardless of their zip code or skin color. It is up to us to ensure that our students have the tools they need to navigate the world around them. I am confident that I would be an equitable advocate for our children while being responsive to the values, beliefs, and priorities of our community. This November, let’s come together and show that education matters, that equity matters, that our students matter.

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Alyssa is a passionate and dedicated advocate for education. She feels particularly passionate about social justice, activism, mental health awareness, culturally responsive curriculum, racial justice, environmental justice, disability rights, and diverse and inclusive communities Alyssa started her career as a K-12 educator and taught over 150 middle schoolers. Since then, Alyssa has been employed as a college lecturer and college advisor where she helped to create a program that supported 80 first generation college students through their first years of college. Alyssa is currently a candidate for the Santa Cruz County Board of Education, Trustee Area 5.

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The Sierra Club

Zach Friend

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Jack Dilles

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Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers

Dana Sales

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Planned Parenthood

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Campaign priorities

  • I will advocate for mental health awareness, environmental education, culturally responsive curriculum that features LGBTQ and BIPOC history, and disability rights.

  • I will do my part to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline & policies underlying this trend in our juvenile justice system.

  • I will operate with transparency and consistency. I will remain visible and available to the public and I will listen to concerns made by community members and do my best to advocate for the needs of our community. 

  • I will bring new progressive ideas, passion, and energy to the board

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